Monster Lands: Heavy Weapons & 5th Player Expansion

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This expansion introduces new versatile and powerful components into the game, the Heavy Weapons. They have multiple activations and, unlike Traps and Defense tokens, can be brought home from battle if not used. They may allow your Mercenary to hide behind them, if activating their Defense value, or to use their immense fire power to blast Monsters out of the way or to destroy that roadblock that lets you conquer a Land. Coupled with the Heavy Weapons come the Mercenaries of the Forge Affinity, a crafty folk that loves their weapon toys. The Expansion additionally comes with new Monsters, Lands, and Equipments, and components and special rules for extending the core game to 5 players. The Expansion box fits into a predesigned insert space within the core game box, allowing gamers to save shelf space. The marked space in the core game will create additional curiosity towards the Expansion.