Tide of Iron: Next Wave - Days of the Fox

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In February 1941, the German 5th Light Division is dispatched to reinforce failing Italian military operations in North Africa. Assigned to lead this “Afrika Korps” is one of Germany’s finest field officers: General Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel. Leading a series of brilliant offensives against British Commonwealth forces in Libya, Rommel earns the nickname “The Desert Fox.” Yet, as he pushes to seize control of vital Middle Eastern oil supplies, his hopes are shattered against the British defenses at El Alamein. Soon, the momentum of entire war turns against the Axis, and Rommel’s forces face the massive onslaught of the British and American armies as they land in North Africa. This expansion adds British Army infantry, plus British Matilda and Crusader tanks and Bren Gun Carriers, the German Panzer III, and British 6-pounder, U.S. 57mm, and German 88mm anti-tank guns in scenarios featuring Erwin Rommel (“The Desert Fox”) in North Africa (1941-1942). It also includes new terrain tiles, new rules, new units (over 90 new plastic figures) and new scenarios!