Portal 1 Two Player Tournament Starter Deck Box

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12 - 2 player starter decks per box Inside each deck you will find: • 2 - 35 Card preconstructed decks • A Portal 1 Booster Pack! • 2 Play Mats • a Play Guide to walk you through the sample game using the decks • a Rule Book to answer any other questions you might have. • a checklist of all the cards in the Portal set. Deck A Defiant Stand Devoted Hero Armored Pegasus Regal Unicorn Sacred Nectar Spotted Griffin Venerable Monk Warrioir's Charge Anaconda Gorilla Warrior Grizzly Bears Untamed Wilds Blaze Fire Imp Hill Giant Hulking Goblin Lava Axe Lizard Warrior Raging Goblin Volcanic hammer 6 Plains 6 Mountains 3 Forests Deck B Craven Knight Feral Shadow Grave Digger Hand of Death Mind Rot Muck Rats Skeletal Crocodile Vampiric Touch Cloak of Feathers Command of Unsummoning Coral Eel Ingenious theif Snapping Drake Storm Crow Time Ebb Touch of Brilliance Elite Cat Warrior Monstrous Growth Panther Warriors Rowan Treefolk 6 Swamp 6 Island 3 Forest