Phyrexia: All Will Be $150 Budget Commander League

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  • Regular price $7.99

  • Date/Time: 02/18, 02/25, 03/04, & 03/11 @6pm
  • Format: Budget Commander (See Below)
  • Entry Fee: $7.99 + Tax each Week (Covers Prize Support and Awards $5 in Store Credit)
  • Please submit your decklist early to avoid any last minute issues, and please use to submit your decklist to avoid any pricing issues with other sites!
    • Prize Support

      Promo packs each week for pod winners. 1 Booster Pack per Entry will be added to the Prize Pool. Prize Support will not only be divided amongst the Top Players, but to other players as well for "Hidden Achievements" earned throughout the event!

      All Will Be $150 Commander League Rules

      • $150 Budget decklists, not including your Commander or Basic Lands.
      • Your Commander must be a Phyrexian Praetor, OR your deck must include at least one Phyrexian Praetor
      • No “I win the game" clauses, such as those on Thassa’s Oracle or Approach of the Second Sun.