Lord of the Jungle - Bones Black Deluxe Boxed Set

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Lord Of The Jungle - Deluxe Boxed Set Sculpted by Artist: Jason Wiebe Bones Black Figure measures ~75mm tall. Figure comes unpainted and fully assembled. Introduced in 2019, Reaper Bones Black is an enhanced version of Reaper Bones miniatures. After years of feedback, Reaper Miniatures made Bones even better with their Reaper Bones Black product line: - High Detail Reaper Bones Black holds more detail and is equal to resin or metal - Rigid Material weapons and thin parts are much more rigid and hold their shape, but still flexible enough to withstand constant handling - Improved Pigmentation Reaper Bones Black models are tinted dark grey for ease of painting and viewing - Reduced Seam and Shift Lines - produced with high-grade steel molds, Reaper Bones Black models are cleaner, crisper, and require less cleaning. But Reaper Miniatures didnt change everything. Customers can expect the same great features with Reaper Bones Black as they do with Reaper Bones. - Amazing sculpts created by the best artists in the gaming industry - Consumer-friendly pricing Reaper Bones Black gives customers great value for their dollars - Wide selection Reaper Bones Black will continue to provide consumers a variety of options to suit all types of gaming. - Painter Friendly made for painters and gamers, by painters and gamers. - Ready to Paint just a quick rinse with soap and water and youre ready to paint - Scaled to Fit Reaper Bones Black models are the same size and scale as all Reaper miniatures and all modern gaming models - Integral Bases Reaper Bones Black models come with integral bases so theyre ready to play with right out of the package